IRS Spying on Citizens Using Google Earth?

December 18, 2013 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

It has been recently reported that Internal Revenue Service agents have, in the past, used free online resources, such as Google Earth, as evidence against taxpayers in investigations.  In the particular case cited, Google Street View of taxpayer property was … Continued

Will Medical Marijuana Change DUI Laws?

December 6, 2013 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

As currently interpreted, trace amounts of a marijuana metabolite (Carboxy-THC) are enough to justify a DUI conviction, even if it is clear the amount of the metabolite that exists would not indicate impairment (or, in fact, would tend to indicate … Continued

I was just injured in a car accident. What do I do?

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Automobile accidents are an unfortunate part of life. Car crashes often leave passengers and drivers traumatized, emotionally distraught and confused, not to mention possibly injured. In such a situation, it is not easy to know how to deal with the … Continued