AZ Supreme Court: Non-Impairing Marijuana Metabolites Cannot be Basis for DUI Conviction

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A divided Arizona Supreme Court significantly limited the scope of Arizona Driving Under the Influence laws in a decision published last week. Under the pertinent section of the DUI statute, driving is prohibited “While there is any drug…or its metabolite … Continued

AZ Court Concludes GPS Planted on Borrowed Car Violates 4th Amendment of Driver

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Division One of the Arizona Court of Appeals issued a ruling restricting police official use of GPS devices for monitoring purposes.  The Defendant was the target of a drug investigation based on information gained from informants.  When police heard that … Continued

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: It Doesn’t Have to be Sexual

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When most people think of sexual harassment in the workplace, their thoughts tend to focus on inappropriate touching or comments made by superiors to subordinates that are sexual in nature.  Such gestures or comments may give rise to sexual harassment … Continued

Hit by a Beer Truck? The Heightened Complexities of Commercial Accidents

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Most people have been involved in an auto accident at some point in their driving lives.  Often, in a simple fender-bender, the drivers simply exchange phone numbers and insurance information.  While that may be sufficient in certain cases, it is … Continued

Estate Planning: How to Avoid “Trust Mills”

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Your estate plan is an essential set of documents prepared with your specific needs in mind.  For that reason, it is important to hire a competent estate planning attorney to ensure that your particular situation is addressed legally and comprehensively. … Continued